QR Code Generation Library for Codeignitor

Codeigniter PHP QR Code

Original code author https://github.com/dwisetiyadi/CodeIgniter-PHP-QR-Code I have made some changes to fit into my CI file system


This a library for CodeIgniter Framework to make QR Code from some string given, a porting code from http://phpqrcode.sourceforge.net/.

Installation and Requirements

This library requires CodeIgniter Framework and GD2 PHP extension.

How to use

Copy the Ci_qr_code.php into YOUR_CODEIGNITOR_DIR/application/libraries

Copy the qr_code.php into YOUR_CODEIGNITOR_DIR/application/config

Note: You can make required changes as per your folder structure

QR Code Implementation

Copy the qr_code_generate.php Controller Class into YOUR_CODEIGNITOR_DIR/application/controllers


Copy the qr_code_generate.php and qr_code.php Views into YOUR_CODEIGNITOR_DIR/application/views

File to display QR Code

Download the complete code from attachments and extract on your local.

Third Party Folder:

Copy the qr_code into YOUR_CODEIGNITOR_DIR/application/third_party

tmp Folder

Copy the tmp folder into YOUR_CODEIGNITOR_DIR/

Your feedback and suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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